The difference between large flow ultrafiltration membrane filter

The difference between large flow ultrafiltration membrane filter

Xinxiang Oudexin Filter Co., Ltd.           Date:2019-10-23 08:49:13
    The high-flow filter element is popular among the public because of its large flow, small pressure difference and large amount of dirt. The ultra-filtration membrane filter has high precision and the filtered water is clear. In the large-flow ultrafiltration membrane filter for the water treatment industry, there are two types of filtration: an internal pressure membrane and an external pressure membrane. The internal pressure membrane is water filtered from the inner surface of the hollow fiber to the outer surface, and the external pressure membrane is Water is filtered from the outer surface to the inner surface of the membrane. The following mainly describes the difference between the two filter elements?
1. The external pressure type is basically made of polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) membrane material, and the internal pressure type membrane is basically made of polysulfone PS and polyethersulfone PES. As we all know, PVDF mechanical strength is far stronger than PS, PES and other materials, is the trend of micro ultrafiltration membrane;
2. PVDF membrane material itself is slightly less hydrophilic than PS and PES, but most PVDF membrane manufacturers have hydrophilic treatment of their PVDF membrane; most external pressure membranes and internal pressure membranes are Asymmetric single skin membrane structure, the production process is wet.
3. Since the inner diameter of the hollow fiber is generally 1 mm or so, the internal pressure type membrane treatment of the source water with a high degree of contamination is prone to clogging of the inner diameter. Therefore, internal pressure membrane treatment of high pollution water quality often has operational problems, especially the MBR project. In the immersion MBR, the external pressure type MBR film is basically used, and the trend is to use the PVDF film;
4. Since the inner diameter is small and easy to block, the operating membrane flux of the internal pressure membrane is low; the internal pressure membrane has higher requirements for the self-cleaning filter than the external pressure type;
5. The external pressure type membrane is generally air-assisted scrubbing, and the internal pressure type membrane is generally only backwashed with water, which is inferior to the combined cleaning effect of gas and water, and the amount of backwashing water is also large;

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