Condensation separation filter specific installation steps

Condensation separation filter specific installation steps

Xinxiang Oudexin Filter Co., Ltd.           Date:2019-11-11 08:46:38
     The coalescing separation filter has the function of separating water droplets from aviation kerosene, hydraulic oil, diesel oil, turbine oil, and other oily substances, and is an important functional component of the fine filter. Separation cartridges meet the needs of a wide range of fine filters used in fixed and mobile fueling facilities.
Coalescing separation filter installation steps:
1. Loosen the knob bolt to separate the filter housing from the head. Be careful not to lose rubber seals and fibrous gaskets.
2. Carefully remove the spring and felt spacers before removing the paper core.
3. Use a brush to remove dust and foreign matter from the crease of the filter core, then gently pat it by hand to make the remaining dust fall, and wipe off the dust on the inner wall of the outer casing and the dust on the fiber mat.
4. Put the cleaned or new filter cartridge back in the reverse order of disassembly.
     The long life of the coalescing filter element is mainly due to the fact that its high porosity medium is not easy to fail, and the proper protection of the pre-filter makes the filter replacement frequency low and the maintenance and processing costs low.

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