How to maintain the air compressor oil filter?

How to maintain the air compressor oil filter?

Xinxiang Oudexin Filter Co., Ltd.           Date:2019-11-18 08:45:25
     The quality of the air compressor oil itself will directly affect the cycle of its application. Regular brands, manufacturers, lubricants that meet the quality requirements of the product can meet the standard operational requirements; while the use of counterfeit and brand-name lubricants is very short. When should the air compressor oil filter be replaced?
1. After the new compressor of the air compressor is operated for 500 minutes, the gasoline core should be replaced, and the exclusive screw anti-rotation oil filter core should be taken off. The new filter element is added with screw gasoline, and the filter element seal is screwed back to the oil filter seat with both hands, and the hands are tightened.
2. It is proposed to replace the new filter element every 1500-2000 minutes. It is worse when changing the gasoline. In addition to replacing the oil filter element, the replacement half-life should be extended when the environment is bad.
3. The oil filter element is not allowed to be used for the time limit. Because the filter element is slightly blocked, the pressure difference is less than the bypass valve enduring the boundary line, and the bypass valve is manually opened. A large amount of particles will indirectly transfer water into the spring server, causing serious consequences.
    Need to pay attention: When assembling, apply a layer of oil on the new oil filter seal ring to increase the sealing property, then install it directly, and pay attention to the surrounding environment during the period to avoid introducing impurities when adding oil.

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