Talking about microporous folding filter

Talking about microporous folding filter

Xinxiang Oudexin Filter Co., Ltd.           Date:2019-08-10 08:49:16
The microporous filter element is a deep filter element that is commonly used for preheating, clarification and end filtration of liquids. It has the following characteristics: ultra-fine polypropylene fiber membrane as filter medium, low pressure difference, high throughput, good filtration precision, low economic cost, all polypropylene structure, end cap, shell and center rod are made of polypropylene Material; melted by hot melt process, that is, PP and PP are self-melted and bonded without any binder; have wide chemical compatibility; have a series of pore diameters and various interface forms.
Microporous Folding Filter Product Features:
Made of 100% polypropylene without any binder, minimizing the dissolution of the filter column itself. Excellent chemical compatibility for filtration of strong acids, bases and organic solvents. The filter membrane is deep-filtered, which has strong dirt holding capacity and long service life. High temperature resistance, can withstand repeated high temperature and high pressure sterilization, or continuous use at high temperatures.
Microporous filter cartridge application areas:
Pharmaceutical industry: Pre-filtration of various injections, liquids and injections of bottled water, pre-filtration of large infusions and various antibiotics and traditional Chinese medicine injections.
Food industry: filtration of alcohol, beverages and drinking water.
Electronics industry: Pre-filtration of pure water and ultrapure water.
Petroleum and chemical industry: filtration of various organic solvents, acids and lye, oilfield water filtration

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