What is high flow water filter?

What is high flow water filter?

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The large-flow water filter generally adopts a structure with a length of 6 inches and a diameter of 152.4 mm, a single-end opening, no central support skeleton, fluid flow from the inside to the outside, and the filter body is divided into two forms of melt-blown and folded. The end cap and the filter layer are hot-melt welded without any adhesive, so they have a wide range of chemical compatibility and can be applied in various fields.

Large flow water filter features and advantages:
The filtration area is high, and the large filter element has a large filtration area, a reduced pressure, and a large flow rate. The utility model has the advantages of large amount of pollution and long service life, and adopts deep fine membrane material to scientifically design a multi-layer gradient pore filter structure, so that the filter element has the characteristics of high dirt concentration, thereby prolonging the service life of the filter element and saving the user cost. Filtering accuracy can be selected from a variety of filtering accuracy to meet the needs of different filtration levels.
Large flow water filter application areas:
Petrochemical industry: filtration of various solvents, quench water, and brine.
Power plant: iron filter filter, condensate filter, stator cooling water, etc.
General industry: various process fluids, process water, condensate, cooling water, wastewater treatment, etc.
Food and beverage industry: process water, etc.
General purpose: RO security filter, purification of various process water.

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