What are the characteristics of the wire wound filter?

What are the characteristics of the wire wound filter?

Xinxiang Oudexin Filter Co., Ltd.           Date:2019-08-14 08:58:20
A good winding filter can show the filtering effect of the deep filter. The ideal condition is that it is more and more dense from the outside to the inside. Therefore, when winding, it must be controlled by the thickness of the wire or with different winding tension. The density of the filter material, the winding filter with such a dense inner and outer structure, can have the depth effect of the deep filter material, effectively improve the filtration efficiency, and intercept more contaminated particles.
The filtration precision of the wound filter material is determined by the thickness of the wire and the density of the wire. The thinner the wire, the closer it is to close together, the smaller the porosity and the higher the precision; the same, the denser the wire structure The higher the filtering accuracy. However, the filter material must also maintain its specific structure and pore size during filtration to provide stable and uniform filtration quality.
Wire Wound Filter Features:
High filtration precision, large flow, small pressure difference, high pressure resistance, large amount of dirt, non-toxic and tasteless, no secondary pollution.
This product can be widely used in: food, beverage, purified water equipment, electroplating liquid, printed circuit board, paint, cooling circulating water, chemical medicine, washing liquid, photographic washing liquid, medical water distribution and other industries.

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